Deutsch ist die Sprache fast aller unserer Bücher. Es gibt bislang englische und niederländische Versionen bestimmter Titel; angedacht sind weitere Versionen in französischer, türkischer und italienischer Sprache – und noch vielen anderen. Wir sind offen für alle Sprachen dieser Welt; freie Übersetzer*innen (Muttersprachler) können gern eine Anfrage richten an: mail@verlag-steenmans.de – wir freuen uns über jede Anfrage und honorieren Übersetzungen bei Bedarf entsprechend.

Auf Englisch ist bislang erschienen:

  • „Frag mich was! Ich weiß alles!“ – „Ask me something. I know everything“ (translated by Luca Kyrion)
    „A young frog hopped to another pond for a day and a half, and settled there. Once upon a time, in his old pond, he had hatched from an egg looking like a tiny fish. But then his little fins and his hind limbs had regressed, and his legs and arms grew, and he went ashore. He had become a real frog, and a fine one indeed. And because he had been through such great transformations and could live on land as well as in the water and had also travelled far, he thought he had already experienced and seen everything and knew all the secrets of the world. (…)“
    a nice little frog tale about trust
  • Ela und der Mond – Where are you, moon? (translated by Sarah Cossaboon)
    The little owl Ela is scared: what happens to her beloved moon? Cloud-Beasts want to eat it; he disappears.
    a nice little story that encourages; a heartwarming story about moon phases
  • Malik und die Mädchen – Malik and the Girls (translated by Nicolas Hepp)
    „Already as a child, Malik learned that there were differences between the girls and the boys in his family. For the girls there was an extended celebration when they became older. They received many gifts from their family and from the neighbours. “You’re growing up now”, the adults explained to the girls, “and we are celebrating your covenant with the goddess” (…)“
    This is a fictional children’s book story with reversed gender roles. Malik is a boy and, as he grows older, he has to veil his body. Find out how the story goes on.
  • Wie Lilli und Willi sich trafen – A Birthday with Surprises (translated by Nicolas Hepp)
    This is a story about a little mouse girl and a hedgehog and how they became friends
    „Actually Lilly just wanted to pick some flowers for her mother’s birthday, but then it happened …“

Auf Niederländisch ist bislang erschienen:

  • „Frag mich was! Ich weiß alles!“ – „Vraag me iets. Ik weet alles“ (vertaling: Nicolas Hepp) Dit is de vreemde onbeschofte bewering van de mysterieuze nieuwe bewoner van de vijver. Maar is dit echt waar of wil de kikker alleen maar opscheppen? Of wat wil hij nog anders? De dieren vertrouwen hem en komen er achter.
  • Ela und der Mond – Ela en de maan (vertaling: Nicolas Hepp)
    De kleine uil Ela is bang: Wat gebeurt er met haar geliefde maan? Wolkenbeesten willen hem opeten; hij verdwijnt zichtbaar. Zal haar goede vriend haar verlaten?een verhaal dat aanmoedig
  • Wie Lilli und Willi sich trafen – Hoe Lillie en Willie elkaar ontmoeten (vertaling: Nicolas Hepp)
    Voor kleine en grote boekenwurmjes van 0 tot 99 jaar
    „Eigenlijk wilde Lillie alleen sommige bloemen voor moeders verjaardag plukken. Maar toen gebeurde het …“
    De titelafbeelding is anders, alle andere parameters zijn hetzelfde als in de duitse editie.

Onze auteur Nicolas Hepp spreekt Nederlands zo goed als zijn eigen moedertaal.