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Ela and the moon


The little owl Ela is scared: What happens to her beloved moon? Cloud-Beasts want to eat him up …

a little owl kid gets to know the moon’s phases

reading sample (example in German)

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Reading sample:

A pair of owls made their nest in an abandoned falcon’s eyrie at the edge of a forest. It soon held three whitish eggs.
The mother owl laid them over the course of several days, which caused them to hatch at different times. The babies were therefore of various age and size, much like human siblings.

The three little owlets grew fluffier with each day. They snuggled up together closely while they slept. And sleep they did quite a lot, especially during the day, for owls are, of course, nocturnal animals.

The young owlets are lead by their parents to believe that nighttime is much more interesting than daytime.

A few days passed before Ola and Ula could open their wide eyes. Late one evening, their little sister Ela could finally open hers, too. At exactly that hour, a plump, lush, giant full moon stood in the clear sky and gleamed in fullest grandeur.

Ela marveled at the strange, round lamp throughout the night. She fancied his silvery shine, his clear contour, and the sharp shadows that he cast upon his surroundings.

Ela and the Moon is an illustrated narrative by Rita Dresken
translated by Sarah Cossaboon
© verlag steenmans, Cologne 2017
All rights reserved
Produced in Germany
ISBN 978-3-944398-00-6

Gewicht 0,210 kg
Größe 21,5 × 15,5 × 1 cm

Rita Dresken


Rita Dresken



Übersetzung / translation:

Sarah Cossaboon




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