Ela and the moon


The little owl Ela is scared. Her dear moon is getting thinner and thinner. Cloud beasts want to eat him. Will her good friend come back?

a story about moon phases, fear and trust – a heartwarming story that encourages children

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The little owl Ela is scared: What happens to her beloved moon? Cloud-Beasts want to eat him; he disappears. Will he come back? This is a story that encourages – it shows moon phases in an exciting, but heartwarming bedtime story.

The german children’s book is entitled „Ela and the Moon“ – in english: „Ela and the moon“. But as a kindle version it’s entitled: „Where are you, moon?“ translation by Sarah Cossaboon, story and illustrations by Rita Dresken

a nice heartwarming story about moon phases and the fear of being abandoned – and about trust

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Größe 21 × 15.7 × 0.9 cm
translation by

Sarah Cossaboon


Hardcover "Din-A-5", 46 pages, cover glossy cellophane

publishing year


author and illustrator

Rita Dresken


kindle on amazon.de: https://www.amazon.com/-/de/dp/B07S2568PB


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