Malik and the girls


The cut-out that a niqab leaves open for the eyes is taken up in an interesting way and implemented graphically: a corresponding cut-out of Malik’s undisguised part of the face is found on the next page of the book (when turning the page) an astonishing analogous pictorial continuation in the story.

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Little Malik lives in a beautiful world. Except for one little problem. Malik is a boy. While girls play soccer, he stands on the edge. And there is no other way. Because in the world of Malik he has to cover himself up as a boy. But he still tries on the soccer field! A few years later, he drives his mother’s car and is promptly caught. Men at the wheel are prohibited in Malik’s world. It’s a strange world – strangely familiar if you swap genders. Finally, Malik graduated with distinction. Will a new life begin for him now?

A story between football and niqab. A story with a wink and reversed gender roles

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Größe 15 × 14.8 × 0.8 cm

Nicolas Hepp


Rita Dresken



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Hardcover; approximately square (15.2 x 14.6 cm), thread-stitched, 38 p., color illustrations throughout


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