“Frag mich was! Ich weiß alles.” – demnächst auf Englisch

Hurra – das bereits 2012 erschienene Büchlein “Frag mich was! Ich weiß alles.” (steenmans’ edition büchlein,  24 S., 10,5 x 10,5 cm, geklammert / Saxoprint) wird es demnächst auch in englischer Sprache geben – als Hardcover und kann bereits vorbestellt werden. Eine “Pixi-Buch”-artige Ausgabe ist in Planung.

Ask me anything, I know everything!

A young frog hopped to another pond for a day and a half, and settled there.

Once upon a time, in his old pond, he had hatched from an egg looking like a tiny fish.

But then his little fins and his hind limbs had regressed, and his legs and arms grew, and he went ashore. He had become a real frog, and a fine one indeed. And because he had been through such great transformations and could live on land as well as in the water and had also travelled far, he thought he had already experienced and seen everything and knew all the secrets of the world. At the same time, he was not the only one who had undergone such great transformations. Almost every day, tiny new dragonflies, shining in all imaginable colours hatched from their larvae and had climbed up the rushes around the whole pond. Beautiful butterflies fluttered past, which had also undergone a huge, shape changing transformation. But the frog did not notice them; He did not see their wonderful beauty. He was so convinced of himself that he set up a booth in the reeds where the other animals could buy answers to their questions. He had painted a sign in bright, red letters saying: “Ask me anything, I know everything!” Beneath that, in very small letters it said: “One Answer: one gold coin.”

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3 Antworten

  1. Luisa sagt:

    Der Frosch auf Englisch! Er ist endlich da, ich hab’ ihn entdeckt!

  2. Vielen Dank, Robert. Vier Bilder (auf denen das Schild “Frag mich was!” zu sehen ist, das der Frosch am Teich aufgestellt hat) mussten überarbeitet / teilweise neu angepasst werden. Ich bin sehr gespannt, wie das fertige Produkt ankommen wird (und ob überhaupt). I don’t know yet, don’t ask me. 😉
    Gruß Rita

  3. Robert sagt:

    Der kleine Frosch auf Englisch. Das ist ja eine riesige Überraschung. Und die neue Seite sieht wirklich toll aus! .

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